A Personal Note

It has been almost one month since my last blog post.

Last Friday, I had surgery and the last month has been a literal countdown.  There was so much to arrange between my work life and home life that, at times, it was overwhelming.  I had client work to clear off my desk, my other work commitments needed to be satisfied and I had to prepare myself and my house for the long recuperation period.

When the decision was made to do surgery, I promised myself that I was going to embrace it all.  I decided that my surgery was a new beginning for me.

This surgery was the last step in a 16 year saga of multiple procedures and surgeries, of not feeling well and of having to accept my body’s inabilities.  Throughout this time, there have been many difficult moments of sadness, depression, anger and frustration.  Luckily, it also brought strength, courage, acceptance and faith.

While this was not the path I had chosen, I am happy with how this journey has changed me.  I learned to be more compassionate.  I affirmed that this faith I say I have really exists.  I found out that when handed huge disappointment, I could accept it and not let it overshadow everything and make me bitter.  I learned I was stronger than I ever knew.

I have run this race and I the finish line is in sight.  I am humbled and grateful to everyone who has stepped-up to help over all these years and for all of the well-wishes, thoughts and prayers.  You are all amazing! ❤ 😚

I am blessed beyond measure.

I am embracing my recuperation and using the time to do the things I feel I never have enough time for: knitting, reading and relaxing .

I am back at it with my knitting so I will have updates on my current WIPs.

Remember this?  My Top Down KAL Sweater.

Plus, this happened:

A little something for my Auntie B!

Happy to be clicking away!

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