KAL Progress 

My first ever  KAL is exceeding my expectations.  😍  The sheer amount of learning is incredible!  The Top-Down Sweater Tutorial is terrific.  It is well written and provides a thorough explanation of the process.  I have been busier than normal but I am still finding time to knit.

I began working on my neck.  I decided to do a shaped neck, where the back of the sits higher than the front.  I worked back and forth until I reached my desired depth.  I then cast on 7 stitches on the front, to equal the same number of stitches as the back, and joined my neck.

The next step was increases.  I worked my increases every other row until my sleeves and front & back equaled my measurements, plus a little ease.

Now, I am knitting my yoke to the proper length.  This means I will need 45 rows of knitting.  At this point, I have knit 22 rounds to get my sleeve and front & back increases from my join.

This means 23 more rounds of knitting to go before I split my sleeves.

I have two doctor’s appointments today with an hour between them so my needles will be clicking along.

#fringeandfriendsKAL #topdowntutorial #knittersofinstagram 

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