My First KAL

Well, I did it.  I decided to participate in my first ever knit along.  It is the Fringe and Friends Improvised Top-Down Sweater KAL.

The KAL is courtesy of Karen Templer.  She is the author of the wonderful blog, Fringe Association.  She also has a shop, Fringe Supply Co, that has all kings of goodies for knitters.  If you have never read her blog or checked out her online store, you are in for a treat.

The Rules:  It has to be a top-down sweater and you cannot use a pattern. 

Why this KAL?  I have always wanted to learn to customize a pattern to fit my own shape.  Secretly,  I have always wanted to try my hand at designing a knitted garment.

Another big reason is the laid back approach.  As Karen put it, “To knit along, simply knit along.”  In the past, I have always been concerned with completing my project on time.

The Yarn: I choose Cestari 100% Fine Merino Wool in the Willow colorway.  It is worsted weight and Kettle dyed.  All I can say is that I absolutely love it.  I will apologize in advance  because my photo does not do the gorgeous green justice.

I have to thank Kate, from Wild Haven Fiber Company.  Her lovely shop is where I first saw this yarn.  There wasn’t a sweater quantity worth of yarn.  She ordered what I needed and most importantly, provided encouragement. 

My Sweater:  I decided to keep the pattern simple and do a raglan pullover in stockinette.  There is something to be said for keeping it simple.  I want to be able to focus on the process.

Progress:  I have read the “Top Down Tutorial ” and many of the related posts.  I can already say I am learning so much!

I have knit up two swatches.  One on size 8 circular needles and one on size 7 needles.  They have been blocked and I am anxiously waiting for them to dry.

Then it will be time for some math to determine how many stitches to cast on.

I really want to thank Karen Templer for all of her hard work, time and energy in putting this KAL together.  A BIG thank you to Jen Beeman,
 Jess Schriebstein and Brandi Harper!  They are the panel for the KAL. The best part is that none of these ladies has ever knit an improvised top-down sweater before.  How cool is that?

I know I have said this many times, but I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community of creative makers.

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