It’s Me Again

Well, just when I think I am going to have more time to knit year-end rolls around and now, it it tax season.  Two more weeks of working away before I can start on some new kitting projects.

All of the work life busy has gotten me on a kick to get organized since last fall.  My “kick” has literally had me go through every room, closet, and cabinet.  This has also spilled over to my projects.  This led me to purchase some new tools.

Behold, yesterday’s mail!


First, thing I saw when I opened my box was this lovely bag with all of my treasures tucked, neatly, inside.

I have been following the Karen Templer’s blog,  Fringe Association , for quite some time.  Her company, Fringe Supply Co, has beautiful products for makers.  This is what was inside.


A new tote bag so I can have multiple projects available at all times. A requirement for any knitter! I upgraded my tools, too.  I purchased Removable Stitch Markers and Bonsai Scissors.


Also, inside was a Field Bag.


Since I first laid eyes on it, I knew I wanted one.  It has pockets inside and three grommets to feed multiple balls of yarn.  It is perfect for traveling.  It easily can hold multiple small projects or one big one.  The color I chose is toffee.  It reminds me of the Carhartt work clothes my love wears when working on his beautiful property.

It is simply…perfect.

There is more mail on the way and I can’t wait for it to arrive.  Who knew mail could make you so happy?

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