In the matter of one more hour, I had my beautiful Nantucket Throw completed. I am so pleased with how it turned out. It is so warm and it will be terrific for snuggling up on the couch during another cold, Wisconsin winter.

What I love about this super chunky yarn is it draws your attention to the architecture of the final knitted fabric. The stitch definition lets you see the beauty of each knit and purl. Sometimes there is so much beauty in simplicity.


Hello Again!

After a long absence, I am back in the saddle again.  This year has been a bit of a rebirth for me.  After losing my father at the end last year, I have spent much of my time finding my way back to me.

I read an article on grieving and it referred to this time as thr “Year of Firsts.”  In this age of “putting yourself out there” through social media, I decided to take a little break and be present in my Year of Firsts.  It has been a beautiful journey that has left me so filled with gratitude.

It has also been a time of reorganization, completion of projects that have been long overdue and a rededication to my professional life and all the things that I have loved doing.  Of course, knitting was at the top of the list!

Even though I haven’t been blogging, I have been knitting.  Along the way I have taken photos and I will be posting them in the future.

The other day a box arrived.  It was my Big Loop Merino from Loopy Mango.


I have wanted to make the Nantucket Throw ever since I saw it pinned on Pinterest.  The pattern is available for free on the Loopy Mango website or through Ravelry.

One of my favorite bloggers, GG Made It , would agree that you can’t beat that instant gratification of a few hours work and…poof!…a finished object. (Make sure you check out Gaye’s blog.  It is terrific!)

This skein was so big!  If you don’t believe me check out this photo.  (Sorry there is a shadow…it was midnight and I couldn’t sleep.)


After about an hour and a half of knitting…


This is what’s left of that monster skein.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  It’s time to get my needles clicking again.